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Lateral Flow Strip Cutter

For Lateral Flow Test Strip Manufacturing

Lateral Flow Strip Cutter

Cat.No.: LFST0007
Weight: 50kg
Speed: 450pcs/min
Precision: ±0.05mm

What’s lateral flow strip cutter?

The lateral flow strip cutter is an equipment for lateral flow test strip manufacturing or development. It’s automatic rotary slitter for test strip manufacturing in IVD lateral flow assay strips. Also name as Rapid Test Strip Guillotine Cutter, widely used in lateral flow assay production and lateral flow test strip assembly.

Types of lateral flow strip cutter

Usually there are three types of lateral flow strip cutter
1. Programmable Shear Strip Cutter
2. Low speed strip cutter
3. High speed strip cutter

What is features of AntiTeck LFST0007 lateral flow strip cutter?

1. Programmable shear
2. High speed
3. Max 450 strips per minute cutting
4. Easy to adjust cutting width and speed
5. Touch screen

Parameters of AntiTeck LFST0007 lateral flow strip cutter

Memory Integrated
Cutting speed450rpm
Feeding speed0 - 1300mm / minute
Cutting width100mm
Cutting thickness1.5mm
Dimension530mm * 450mm * 300mm
Power supplyAC220V/50, 60Hz

Brands of lateral flow strip cutter

1. Biodot
2. Kinematic Automation
3. AntiTeck Life Sciences

Overview AntiTeck LFST0007 lateral flow strip cutter


How to install lateral flow strip cutter

How to use lateral flow strip cutter?

1. Turn on lateral flow strip cutter
2. Adjust the cutting width of strip
3. Adjust the cutting speed
4. Adjust correct position of uncut sheet
5. Insert uncut sheet to strip cutter
6. Push the blue button for start cutting
7. Push the red button for stop cutting

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