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Lateral Flow Test Training

Help you easy to understand what's lateral flow test and how to do development & manfacturing
ANTITECK’s Lateral Flow Team consist of some experts who engage in lateral flow assay development or manufacturing over 15 years. All experts has great experience in all procedures related with lateral flow assay test kit R&D work and large scale production technique. From raw materials & equipment to production line, ANTITECK would like provide service, education and training to who want to enter IVD industry. Here we provide lateral flow test training courses as below.

Types of Lateral Flow Test Training

1. Basic Lateral Flow Test Training (3 days)
2. Custom Lateral Flow Test Training (15 days training step by step)
3. VIP Lateral Flow Test Training (30 days learning, training and practice)

Time Schedule For Basic Lateral Flow Test Training

Time ScheduleStatus
Jan. 2022Comming
Dec. 2021Comming
Nov. 2021Comming
Oct. 2021Comming
Sep. 2021Comming
Aug. 2021Comming
Jul. 2021Ongoing
Jun. 2021Finish
May. 2021Finish
Apr. 2021Finish
Mar. 2021Finish
Feb. 2021Finish
Jan. 2021Finish
Dec. 2020Finish

Course of Basic Lateral Flow Test Training

Brief summary
Immunomy chromatography technology (known as colloidal gold technology) is a classic in vitro diagnostic technology that is an integrated compound of chromatography / immunochronization / colloidal technology. After decades of development, the technology gradually expands from the classic colloidal gold nanoparticles to a variety of ways such as latex microspheres, fluorescent microspheres, quantum dots and magnetic microspheres, and technology constantly update iteration, although it is a tradition method. The technology still maintains strong vitality. In the field of in vitro diagnostic fields, there is still a place in the field of in vitro diagnostics, playing an irreplaceable role, and in recent years, it is a sustainable growth situation, which is an important base biotechnology. Our training will finish in three days. Training course is based on classic colloidal gold technology, in-depth analysis of chromatography techniques and technological implementation details, allowing students to get started quickly, cut into technologies, and less detours. At the same time, training will also introduce quantitative chromatographic techniques of fluorescent microspheres, quantum dots, magnetic particles, etc.
1. Introduce basis equipment about how to use and maintain: lateral flow dispenser, lateral flow strip cutter, lateral flow cassette presser, membrane cutter, etc.
2. Introduce nitrocellulose membrane, how to select and properly use NC membrane.
3. Biological active materials introduction and application: surface active agent(tween), BSA selection, buffer system, etc.
DAY 2 
4. How to do quantitative lateral flow assay test? And its equipment selection
5. Raw materials selection: lateral flow backing card, sample pad, conjugate pad, absorbent pad, blood separation pad, tape, etc.
6. Complete experiment basis on colloidal gold nanoparticles
6.1 Synthesize colloidal gold nanoparticles (step by step)
6.2 Prepare conjugate pad, optimize and label antigen/antibody
6.3 Prepare nitrocellulose membrane, dispensing reagent
6.4 Raw materials selection(pads), buffer system preparation, additive selection
6.5 Lamination procedures become to lateral flow assay test (finish product)
6.6 From qualitative technique to quantitative technique (include quantum dots assay method, equipment, raw materials, etc.)

Where to take the lateral flow training?


Who can attend the lateral flow training?

Everyone who are interested in lateral flow assay development and lateral flow test strip manufacturing.

Perfect for startup company, university research groups at the initial stages, manufacturing team, research team in mid-size to larger-size

Is it free for lateral flow training?

No! It's not a free course, it will charge some fees for training.
The fees inclue lectures and its copies, access to lab, copies of protocols, use of equipment, all standard materials and reagents, lunch each day and one dinner. Visa fee, flight tickets, travel and accommodations are not included.

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